We provide automation and optimization of business processes using telecommunication technologies. We offer information systems and complex projects to automate the activities of companies using software and hardware products.

We provide services for the organization of corporate telephony. For this, we create a common corporate telephone network of territorially distributed structures and provide support for a single internal numbering. Corporate telephony – the ability to organize remote workplaces, conduct corporate audio conferences and provide long-distance and international communication.

The corporate telephone network system is built using synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) technologies for transferring high-speed data over long distances, using wired, optical and radio links as a physical medium; Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), which transfers data from one node of the network to another using tags or radio relay communication.

We are engaged in the construction of corporate networks, they allow us to use CRM and ERP systems, consolidate disparate offices of the company, and organize the work of corporate services and applications. The corporate network is the creation of a unified IT infrastructure of the company, its integration into a single information space, simplifies and automates tasks for gigabit passive optical networks (GPON) and wireless networks (WiFi).

Complex solutions for data centers include the construction of a computing, network engineering infrastructure.
Ukrkom offers solutions for the converged infrastructure of the data center, including network, computing power and storage systems. To complete the data center we apply: Network Address Translation (NAT), Packet Data Reference Sites (PDSN), Broadband Remote Access (BRAS) and GGSN (GPRS Gateway Support Node) routers are nodes that are part of the GPRS Core Network that provide Routing of data between the GPRS Core network (GTP) and external IP networks.

LLC “UKRKOM” carries out the selection, design and implementation of the following information security solutions for enterprises (Network Security):

Integrated WiFi OSS/BSS solutions are designed to automate the operation of telecommunications companies in the context of business processes, services, and management functions. There are two types of systems:
OSS (Operation Support System) is responsible for interaction with the telecommunication environment: telecommunication networks, switching equipment, automatic telephone exchanges, hardware communication systems, designed to support the operation of telecommunications systems of the communications enterprise.
BSS (Business Support System) – systems that support the business processes of telecommunications operators, aimed only at interaction with subscribers.

After the completion of the implementation or integration project, we provide support, maintenance, and development of installed solutions and systems.

If your requirements can’t be met using the existing hardware and software – we will develop and implement an individual solution.

Before working with the project, we conduct a network audit , further development of the project(HLD/LLD), and conduct its business analysis. Also, you will receive a pre-sale consultation and get acquainted with the demo version of the solution.

Services and support are provided by the service personnel of our company. LLC “UkrCom” provides services in Ukraine.