ADVA Fiber Monitoring

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ADVA ALM – rapid detection of optical cable disruptions and the determination of their locations.


Fiber assurance solution for lean operations – ADVA ALM

Fiber is a high-value asset. It transports huge amounts of data, generating significant revenue. Fiber failure demands immediate action but a lack of information about the nature of a problem often makes this impossible. In-service fiber monitoring solves this issue and our unique ALM does it with unrivaled efficiency.

Operations teams have one key objective: run a complex communication infrastructure as efficiently as possible. In the event of network failure, a root cause analysis should not require on-site field forces with expensive measurement equipment.

Giving customers higher bandwidth services should be possible without changing demarcation device. Gathering real-time information about the integrity of the fiber network should not require a costly new kit. Proactive fiber link monitoring solves those challenges. Our ALM is an in-service advanced link monitoring solution for highly precise, real-time monitoring of fiber links. It streamlines operational processes, shortens repair cycles and enables service-agnostic network demarcation.

Optical performance

Fiber link monitoring
  • Supervision of 16 fibers per ALM device;
  • Non-intrusive monitoring independent from user traffic;
  • Active component at central office only.
Demarcation reflector
  • Passive device at remote site;
  • No power and no additional space required;
  • Integrated with patch cable or discrete devices;
  • Applicable in harsh environments.
Management capabilities
  • Full SNMP management for all operational processes;
  • Built into market-leading GIS;
  • FSP Network Manager for full set of FCAPS functions.
Measurement principles
  • Real-time information about fiber loss profile;
  • Localization of loss points with alarm thresholds;
  • One measurement cycle per minute with highest resolution.
Optical performance
  • Up to 160km nominal reach for access, metro and core applications;
  • Measurement signal at 1650nm, outside user traffic wavelengths;
  • 10m fault detection accuracy.