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Secure Wired and Wireless Access Networks

The Ruckus product portfolio of Wi-Fi, switching, IoT, LTE, software and SaaS lets you deliver a great end-user connectivity experience while reducing the amount of time you spend managing the network. And because Ruckus packs more capability into every network element, you can build that network at a lower cost per connection.

Whether your users are employees, customers, guests, residents, students, visitors, fans, or subscribers, Ruckus products are designed to enhance their experience—and yours:

The Ruckus Location-Based Services (LBS) Solution enables retailers, stadiums, and transportation hubs to enhance the way they interact with customers based on precise location. Deployed on top of Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi, the Ruckus LBS Solution does not require any additional hardware and has unlimited scalability in the cloud. Send real-time travel updates, targeted promotions, and even classroom notes through footfall traffic and proximity analytics to enrich customer relationships.

Ruckus indoor access points deliver industry-leading Wi-Fi performance and reliability in the toughest environments. We offer APs for every size venue, from the densest convention center floor to the hotspot at your corner coffee shop. And every one of them features groundbreaking Ruckus RF innovations that no other AP can offer:

When organizations need blazing-fast, rock-solid connectivity in the toughest outdoor locations, they turn to Ruckus. Our family of outdoor access points ranks number one globally, with millions of users relying on them every day to deliver the best Wi-Fi in the business. Each of our outdoor APs features groundbreaking Ruckus RF innovations that no one else can offer: