6WIND Turbo Router

6WIND Turbo Router is a scalable, cost-effective routing solution and is part of the 6WIND Speed Series family. It is a ready-to-use software network appliance that can be deployed standalone on bare metal commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers or as a virtual machine. 6WIND Turbo Router's flexibility and rich features make it ideal for medium to very large Enterprises and Network Operator/Carriers and Data Centers.

Leveraging COTS Platforms for Improved TCO

When comparing 6WIND Turbo Router on COTS servers versus purpose-built hardware routers, cost benefits can be realized in multiple ways. Comparing CAPEX, the cost of 6WIND Turbo Router on a COTS server is more than 50% less than any purpose-built hardware with similar performance characteristics. By adding virtualization, customers further reduce CAPEX since they can combine 6WIND Turbo Router with additional services, such as load balancers, firewalls, etc. on the same COTS server, increasing productivity and generating new revenue streams.

OPEX savings are realized by minimizing installation efforts, sparing requirements and service commissioning efforts. In an OpenStack environment, adding additional router applications is a matter of spinning up VMs. Turbo Router eliminates downtime needed to install, connect and cable cumbersome traditional purpose-built hardware products.

Product Description and Architecture

The 6WIND Turbo Router software is divided up into a control plane and a data plane. The control plane is comprised of the Linux operating system as well as applications for routing, etc. The control plane operates independently of the data plane component and runs on at least one core.

The tremendous boost in performance is accomplished by running the data plane packet processing software on dedicated cores. The data plane software comprises DPDK, a set of poll mode drivers that provide efficient data I/O processing. In addition, 6WIND technology has native multi-queue support to distribute the load across multiple CPU cores. This combination allows performance to scale linearly by 12 Mpps per core. Internal testing confirms 6WIND Turbo Router scales linearly from 12 Mpps to over 200 Mpps with each added core.

6WIND Turbo Router can be loaded directly onto bare metal servers as a pure router deployment option. This standalone appliance is suitable as a direct replacement for traditional, dedicated hardware routers small and large.

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NFV Ready

In NFV or virtual environments 6WIND Turbo Router is instantiated as a regular virtual machine and supports standard Virtio vNIC (b1). 6WIND Turbo Router also supports SR-IOV or PCI passthrough, a technology that bypasses the hypervisor in order to increase forwarding performance (b2). The third option (b3) combines the performance of SR-IOV and all the rich features of the hypervisor (live migration, switching, hardware independence, etc.) by installing 6WIND Virtual AcceleratorTM, which is hypervisor scaling software. The added advantage of using 6WIND Virtual Accelerator is that all virtual machines benefit from the increase in hypervisor performance.

Use Cases

Key Features